Rachel Shortt, Tommy Link, Hannah Stak, Apostle Jones

Rachel Shortt

Tommy Link

Hannah Stak

Apostle Jones

Sat · September 29, 2018

8:30 pm


This event is all ages

Rachel Shortt
Rachel Shortt
Rachel Shortt is an original artist. A self-taught singer/songwriter with heart and voice in perfect harmony, articulating the full range of human emotion and experience.


Rachel describes her style as “a little folk, a little funk and a little soul”. Her provocative lyrics (For instance, Woe) approach poetry in their elegant simplicity and ability to stand alone. But with the overlay of Rachel’s instrumental artistry (After the Rain), her original work provides a bold new language for those who seek a sound with passion and purpose. Even when performing a classic cover (Knights in White Satin Tribute @ YouTube: ShorttStories) Rachel pays homage to the original artist while also offering her own unique edge breathing new life into each song she plays.

Early influences include The Beatles, Al Green and Elvis. More recently, Rachel admires an eclectic array of artists ranging from Erykah Badu to Ani DiFranco, Ben Folds Five, Natalie Merchant, The Grateful Dead, and Gregory and the Hawk, a recent favorite.

While Rachel is most notable with one of her many guitars slung over her shoulder, Rachel also plays coronet, bass, cello and has been known to try her hands at the drum set. Ask her fans and they will tell you she is an expert with the water whistle.

As a native Clevelander, Rachel has performed in both large and small venues, from House of Blues and Kent Stage to cafés and charity events.

Rachel has a philanthropic approach towards giving back to her community and has provided entertainment for various non-profit organizations and causes that are close to her heart. When asked about the donation of her time for charitable events, Rachel replied:

“Community is important to me as is pulling together for better and greater things. It is very rewarding to be in the position (with my own recording/independent label) to provide my music to the community in a way that is very bonding, such as a benefit or awareness event. Music can lift people…it should be enjoyed by and available to all”

Rachel is sheer proof that all it takes to achieve a sound of beauty and sophistication is a woman and her guitar. Her intense stage presence is raw and uninhibited. At each performance, Rachel captivates her audience with a personal connection and fan engagement that is uniquely shared at that particular show.

Don’t take our word, check out her next performance. You are certain to be a new fan.


You may also find Rachel on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/shorttstories

itunes/Amazon.com/emusic: Search – Rachel Shortt
Tommy Link
Tommy Link
Tommy Link is a Northwest Pennsylvania based singer songwriter.
Tommy In-Toon is cartoon character doubling as a coping mechanism.
Together, it's Tommy Link Inc.
Hannah Stak
Hannah Stak
Hannah Stak is a singer-songwriter based out of Cleveland, Ohio.
Apostle Jones
Apostle Jones
Rising from the ashes of Mirrors, Mikey and Anthony are the Apostle Jones Band. Creating music to navigate through the dense, collective unconscious with a spirit the revives the soul in each of us.
Venue Information:
Happy Dog
5801 Detroit Rd
Cleveland, OH, 44102